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My Fantasy Life

By FashionProject9 · May 19, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

This week is not going as expected, so I have decided to post pictures from my fantasy life-Annamarie

Image via www.microsoft.com

Reality: I am frazzled.  I am trying to create a really glamorous dress and the bodice is looking like a psychedelic Hawaiian shirt.  Not quite the effect that I was hoping for.  I found some trim at a local fabric store that I think will fix the problem.  And I had to toss the lining of the dress because it ended up lopsided due to serger (a machine that cuts and sews at the same time) issues.  Let's say I'm cranky.

Fantasy: I am cool, calm and collected.  At the moment, I am on the phone with my gorgeous, hot boyfriend planning our upcoming vacation to Zanzibar, the island of cloves.

Image via www.microsoft.com

Reality: I had a series of errands this week that absolutely sucked my time.

Fantasy: I have a personal assistant named Martha who is on call six days a week and handles all sundry details.  In the picture above, Martha is taking notes for my fall wardrobe orders with Barney's and Opening Ceremony.

Image via www.microsoft.com

Reality: I live in an apartment lacking maid service.

Fantasy: I have several homes.  This picture was taken by one of my staff at my estate in Seychelles.  You see, I am a trustafarian and do not have to work.


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haha don't we all wish for a fantasy life like this! ;)


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Hi Jackie,

I fantasize about having a personal assistant at least once a week. Well, I can always hope. I love the Betsy Johnson quote on your blog. It's really funny!


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